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27.01.07 : NEWS PAGE

CCSAG campaign Video on Evening Gazette website

CCSAG would like to thank "Paddyoke" Karaoke and Disco for providing the PA system for our meetings.

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"We would ask all of you visiting our startpage to visit the News section. This will have the latest information on the stadium, and with things now, at last, starting to move, following the land sign-up on Tuesday, 22nd February, this will be where we will add any snippet information that comes to hand.

This is now both an exciting, but crucial, time for the stadium scheme, with many challenges still ahead of us - but we are, hopefully, getting there.

The site is here for you - use it!"

Welcome to the CCSAG.org website
, home of the Colchester Community Stadium Action Group.

Formed in October 2004, CCSAG is a group of pro-active Colchester based people who believe that the addition of a community stadium to the local area is one that will bring immense benefits.

To this end, the group has worked hard since its formation in attempting to spread the word with regard to the proposed 10,000 all-seater stadium and the positive impact its construction will have in the town.

Backed by the local Evening Gazette newspaper, CCSAG has quickly become a well respected non-political organisation and has frequently been used as a reference point in the local media and beyond for its views on the construction of the long awaited stadium.

This website is intended to be a starting point for anyone wanting to help CCSAG in its efforts, contact us about our recent activities or simply to find out why we believe that the town of Colchester deserves a first class sporting facility.

Entrance to the Field of Dreams

Now can someone provide the bl**dy key and unlock that gate and get on with it!

This page will bring you bang up to date with our latest activities - from the key points of our recent meetings to our continuing efforts with the ever growing petition.

Who are the people behind the group? What are our hopes and intentions? Why do we believe Colchester needs a new sports arena? All this and more here.

Want to help us in our activities? Need to hear CCSAG’s point of view on the latest stadium developments? All of the relevant contact details are here.

Every name helps! Add your name to the growing clamour for the new ground here!

If you want to get your friends, family or work colleagues signed up, then we've got the latest stadium plans, the all important petition form and other important downloads.

The best place to turn for all of the relevant links regarding the Colchester Community Stadium.

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